Tuesday, June 28, 2011


“If …....................”
If I had super powers
I would fly to the moon and come back with a cow and a spoon
If I had super powers
I would fly to my house and get rid of the mouse
If I had super powers
I would fly and cry while eating a pie
If I had super powers
I would fly into space and hopefully try not to die
If I had super powers
I would fly and never lie
If I had super powers
I would fly to the sky and I will never be shy
If I had super powers
I would fly until I die

Monday, June 20, 2011

William Webb Ellis Cup

William Webb Ellis was born on 24Th November 1806 and he died in 1872. He was an Anglican clergyman who was famous for inventing the game of Rugby.
William didn’t invent the actual game of rugby but adapted to what we know as rugby today.
Originally they kicked the ball like soccer and he started the tradition of picking up the ball and running with it.
It all started when Mrs Ellis (his mother) sendt William and his older brother Thomas to a school where they could receive a very good education. This school was called Rugby school, that's where William had the idea of changing the sport named rugby.
The winning team at the rugby world cup would receive the a trophy named the William Webb

Ellis Cup.


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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Martin Jet Pack

A kiwi inventor Glen Martin created the Martin jet pack that can fly 5000 ft. above sea level. Glen Martin was interviewed on Channel One’s Tonight Show and he said its just something he has been working on. People thought it was a big joke and they mocked Glen Martin a few years ago, so he has continued to work on his design.
Ha e created the jet pack to go place where helicopters could not go like just below trees.

He made the jet pack as safe as it could be. Glen Martin tested it with a dummy first and the person second. He put the dummy where the pilot would normally go and used a remote control to move it around. It flew 5000 ft. and sailed down 2000 ft. until the parachute shot out of the jet pack .Now the U.S. military army is very interest in buying this model for around $60,000, which I think is the perfect price.