Friday, March 23, 2012

How to build a tent

How to build a tent in a instant.
Tent fly
Tent Pegs
Tent Poles
Guy Ropes

Step 1: You will have to open the bag and get out the equipment out and inside the the bag.
Step 2: We had to lay down the tent on the ground and had to spread it out. While you are doing that we can also be putting the Tent Poles threw the lope.
Step 3:Then we clipped on the clipper's to attache it to the fiberglass pole, and don't forget to tie the top nice and tight so that at if it is windy it won't blow down.
Step 4: When you have all done that you can add on the tent fly on, then grab the mallet with the pegs and hammer it down hard so that it doesn't come flying off while you are sleeping.
Step 5: Now you  can relax in your tent knowing that you are safe.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp Respect

Wow we just arrive at the swimming pools, at the Lagoon Leisure, “Its going to be a whole lot of fun in the freezing cold water,with the blistering heat. ” I said .

First we had sat down on the warm concrete and we had a few reminders about the pool, until we were allowed to plunge in to the icy cold water.

All the children were inside the pool, the hydro slide and also the diving pool and that was a whole lot of splashing. When I watched people dive into the pool,  I saw them freezing like a ice block.

Tui and I were waiting for the right time to hop into the pool, in the mean time we were watching other people splashing in the diving pool, their was one guy named Richard, he was the king of bombing, he was almost like a ticking time bomb ready to explode in the water .  

“It’s time to jump into the pool Joe!!!!” yelled Tui, “No Way!!!!,” “It’s still freezing” I shouted back. “You own me a Dollar then if you don't come with me,” shouted Tui, “Wait for me then.” I yelled back. I took off my T shirt and ran towards the pools I hopped in the pool, and it was freezing like an iceberg. We had a lot of fun Until the...........Warriors!!!!!!!!!!

The Warriors had come into the pools, “Wow the warriors are actually here,” my mate Joshua yelled. As soon as the warriors entered the pools all the kids were running and jumping into the pool to see their favourite player Manu (The Beast) Vatuvei. Pt England School were screaming out a chant,
WHO ARE WE, WARRIORS!!!!!  The chant was going louder and louder, until they had left.

Wow, what a way to end the senior camp with a splash in the pools and with the ultimate Warriors.