Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bombing off the WHARF

It was time, to jump off the Wharf, and my biggest fear was jumping into the water with those stingrays hagging around in the deep sea.As I was walking up my heart started to pump louder and louder as I took each step forward to wards the edge.

Once we had arrived boys and girls just bombed in to the water and my heart was going to pop out because it really wanted to jump. So I took slow steps forward to the post and stood on it. I looked down to the deep blue sea “Its a long way down” I told myself. I held my breath and took a plunge down. As a hit the water it wasn’t that bad.

As I was going up to reach the surface I wanted to do that again and again for a “whole year” I told myself.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giant Weta

Do you know what is a Giant Weta is?
If you don't know, it is a insect like a katydid but bigger than a normal size.
Mine is called a Giant Weta with a capital letter.
A weta is in all sorts of size,some are massive and could lay on your whole hand,but some are are very very big big ones.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Washing the dishes

One night in the holidays when me and my family were having dinner someone had to do the dishes for the night “not me” said my brothers and sisters,”me I will do It”. I said I knew that if someone didn’t do the dishes my mum and dad would be angry. Someone had to keep the peace.

There were so many plates I had to do it was like a endless wave I told my brothers that I want to do the drying but it was to late now I said to my brothers “I rather sleep with 10 elephants or swim with 20 hungry sharks”!!!

It was like I was trapped in a cage with dirty plates and cups,the only way out was to wash them all. I” want to dry” I said in a bit of a scream in my head. After a few minutes It was getting so boring . I looked outside I saw a dog running across the street . I wish I escaped liked him .

As I was washing the dishes I turned around and saw a little more plates and cups to do untiled to I was finished, yes yes yes I said all over again and again.

Once I was finished washing the dishes it was 9:00 p.m. “No more plates or cups to do” I said.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cross Country

I got to school ready to learn but then every thing changed when Mr Burt said “ the cross country is today”. ”The race is today” I told my self in a panic. It was stink because I did not get my note, I had plan to tell mum to give a sick note to get me out of this but it was to late now.

Once we got out side it was getting cold and chilly, I was feeling a bit nervous and scared. Mr Burt had changed the rules,that the 11 year old boys were running next, I knew that the 10 year boys will run after the 11 year old boys.

Oh no the race is going to started right now, “10 year boys please step up your race is now” Mr Burt said,”you have got to be kidding me I told myself in a very scared voice. BANG!!! I heard,the race has started. Of we go. Once we past the gate I started tom feel lethargic,but I still managed to pass a lot of people,I was about to throw up when we past the gold post . Then all of a sudden I started to feel tired it was so bad that I wanted to quit. We were half way finished when all of my energy had drained out of me into the distance. The time I saw the finished when I was from one quarter.

I felt in impatient because the finish line was line still far away from where I was running from.

Once I was near the finish line I spurted all the way,”it is finally over”.I told myself in a relieved voice.Once the race was over, I was so happy that we have to do the cross country for another 365 days.

Roosters vs Panthers

As we go back to the days of N.R.L.!!!
Roosters vs panthers, wow what a amazing game it was ,if you didn't watch it then you absolutes then you miss out on all of the action. In the first half the game there were some funny action, when the roosters left winger had the ball and ran full speed to the panthers winger, then all of a sudden they both collided, looking from the slow motion it looked like they just kissed. The tackler was lying down on the ground maybe he just had to much love, I think he was day dreaming. The second half started, a few minutes later the score were still the same 12 to 0 Roosters winning panthers losing. Finally here they scored roosters here they come out of no where 18 points to the roosters,panthers nothing yet,finally panthers scored 6 to roosters 18.
Here we go again,Anasta scores for the roosters 22 to 6 roosters still winning,panthers finally score 22 to 12 and now they make it a ten point lead to the roosters. Panthers very slim chance of winning. People hold your horses because here comes the roosters to make it 28 to 12. At the end of the game it was 34 to 12. Sorry for the Panthers supporters,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kiwis are cool

A kiwi is about the size of a domestic chicken or a rugby ball.

The well known Great Spotted Kiwi is about 45cm long, tall, and it is the biggest.

The smallest kiwi is smaller that a rugby ball, and it is called the Little Spotted Kiwi. It makes me want to know how long they are going to live.

Well I suppose you wouldn’t exactly call kiwis beautiful at all. Their

plumage is rough, dull and it is stiff like dog hair,and not psychedelic or bright.

Most people think that kiwis don’t have any wings. But if you tuck your hand under the feathers, you will find a small wing that is tiny like a pinky finger. At the bottom there will be a claw.

There is one thing that these birds excel at - kiwis have very muscular, invincible legs. They look a bit like Islander legs, and they can out run a human in a race. Their legs are very strong for running, making burrows and fighting.

Kiwis only fight with their mighty legs to protect themselves from enemies. Their predators include weasels, stoats, cats and dogs. But the most feared is the feared stoat.

There you have it.

How could you possibly resist a chicken-sized, rugby ball, strong running sharp shooter with legs like Richie McCaw.

If Kiwis are not cool then I don”t know what is.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Point England School vs Holy Cross School

On Wednesday the 21st of June 2010 Point England played a hard game against Holy Cross school a far superior team, we played them on our school grounds.

In the first half of the rugby game my team, Point England, kicked of to begin the game. When Holy Cross had the ball, Pt England had a mean defence, but it was still not good even enough. But Holy Cross had a massive guy charging at us like a bull that was very very angry. By the time Holy cross school scored their first try I said to myself "we need to wok even harder as a team.

By the time Holy cross kicked off to Pt England school I thought that I would have a run myself, I went to their biggest and strongest guy and guess what happen next ??I got dumped and slam to the ground , and my back was very sore.

The second half was when Holy cross school kicked off to my school Pt England to start the second half ,once the ball came down one of my rugby team boys, Nezinli, our fullback had the ball he ran and stepped one person from Holy cross school and he defend one of the opposition boy from the team, now that was a like Cory Jane a famous fullback of the All Black.

When Holy cross scored there try, the time was nearly up, Once they converted the time was all ready over.

Once the game was over Pt England did their cheer for good s port men ship. The points were 36 to Holy Cross, 0 to Pt England, we fougth hard but we lost by a thresh.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I"v been learning about pirates. Pirates are sea robbers meaning they steal other ships or merchant ships carrying lots of diamonds or gold and silver. In pirates times pirates people were very very poor, so people wanted to be pirates or sea robbers because they could earn more gold or silver faster.
The things sea robbers stole were from countries,the countries they stole goods.The most country they stole from was Africa,they would took slaves and then sell them for gold or silver,some diamonds were made in Africa pirates would take lots and lots of those precious diamonds,the smoke that pirates smoke were also from Africa.From India was spices mix with goods .China was a bit different they only stole a fabric of silk. Last but not lease South America, from there they took cocoa beans which make chocolate and more diamonds.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polynesians come to NZ.

Polynesian people came to NZ by canoe. Some of them voyaged in a single hull with an outrigger or a double hull.In full length, these canoe's were 15m-25m.These Vessels were made out of planks lashed together and woven sails.

Trained navigators used the stars as their guide to search for land.Signs of birds feeding at sea would give them and idea that land was near. To get to Aotearoa, the Polynesians had to get thru the stormy seas.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Camp Kindness

Years 5, Year 6 and Year7 just came back from camp last week. It was from Wednesday to Friday.
Camp was tiring but great fun in many ways.
One of the best activities was ten pin bowling it was funny and enjoyable for the team. One of our team leaders scored a strike,then the team went crazy. I almost got all of them down but I needed two more pins to get a strike.
The second best activity was Kayaking. Kayaking was sore but fun and super cool.
When I jumped into the canoe, I just zoomed to the front of the line. One of my captains came and came and said, "You want a race?".
I said "Yeah ready,set, go"
So we paddled and paddled all the way to the finish line.We came a tie in the race.
I was very tired after that.
After camp I really wanted to go and have a very long sleep. I was happy because all the challenges I have done are all mastered.
This is me at rock climbing

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