Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vision Board

The aim of this Vision Board is to let the world  see what my vision are for my Life  and be advanced and ready for the new year 2012!!!!!!!!!

 A vision board is like  a future that other people can see through me, not only a future but a board full of sports,family,health,personal goals and personal health.

My Vision board is a board full of those wonderful things, also full of the  awesome words like Love, Achieve, Hope, Family and many more. In my Vision Board there you can see all the awesome images and photographs about what I like and love.

The sport's I love are rugby or league, so watch out I plan to be the next League"Benji Marshall" or the next Union star "Dan Carter".

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rm22 Favourite Colours

This week Rm22 has been learning about Statistics! This week I have been investigating colours as you can see Rm 22 Favourite Colours is Blue but the Least is Yellow.


It was one heck of a day, the sun was shining super bright , I could not see any clouds just a hot ball of fire and a blue clear sky, The perfect time for a game of Netball.

Me and my friends just came back from a game of touch I was so tired that I couldn’t been bother walking back to class. As soon as I heard about Netball,I was about to burst in to tears because I knew that we were going to do a lot of running around.

We got to the court and we saw this lady holding a netball in her hand,I was guesting that,she was the one from Auckland Netball Association, her name was Liz. She was talking about what do we do when we land and how to land properly so that when we grow up we wouldn’t have to go threw knee surgery or ankle surgery.

We started of standing in the scorching sun while to develop new skills, Liz talked about how we could focus on our passes and how to land perfectly without getting any pain in to your thighs or legs. She also told us how tactics of to pivot and pass the right way.

After learning all of the suitable tactics, to land,pass and pivot, we moved on to a game of netball, as soon as I heard about a game of net ball I thought It was another running game, but I was wrong instead of to hoops we used four corners and four big poker dots.

One team had bibs and the others had nothing, I was in the team that had the bibs on and we named our team the ‘Point England Rhinos,’  we started of playing like little kids until everything got interesting, me and my team the Rhinos started to pass the ball around and we scored a lot points, the game was over and me team had won, 5 points to Neil.  

I can’t wait until the next practise.

Monday, February 13, 2012

This is what Respect looks like? Sitting down and eating.

I am so happy that I have been reunited with my net book, I am also very glad that I could communicate with others and talk to family and friends overseas.

My net book  has been helpful because where ever I go I can post a blog from my net book all around the world. I have enjoyed my net book ever since I got it and the long Holidays are over I can finally be reunited with my net book.

It was like me and my net book were met for each other,I like it so much that I couldn't keep my hands of it. I love it so much that I would never let anything break.

I am expecting to write a lot of posting this year, I can’t wait.    

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Interesting Things About Me

Hi my name is Joe and I'm going to tell you 3 interesting things about me,they are:

I love doing a bit of kick boxing in Panmure and at home with my older Brother

I enjoy watching MMA cage fighting with my older Brothers and Uncle also including my Dad .

I love going to the Beach with my Family and friends on super hot days, and I like eating Carl's Junior.