Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kiwi Kick

On a cloudy Thursday, Room 20 and Room 22 went out to learn about Kiwi kick or AFL ( Australian Football League)  where we learn how to play an awesome kicking game.

When we arrived to the courts we saw two guys that  were as tall as a tree, one of their names were Sam ( Nickname Sandwich)  and the other guys name was Mike, after they had introduced  themselves we had to go over a few reminders about the previous time we had them.

After the reminders we got straight into but first we had a little game just to warm up our legs, the game was called in still tag, the instructions were : Tag anyone, but if you get tagged you have to sit down and watch the person who tags you and watch their every move so when they get tagged you can get back up.

Soon after the game had finished and we were all warmed up, ready to learn new accurate kicking skills, after Sam and Mike talked about the basic skills, they also told us to get into partners, each partner had a name, I was named the Polar Bear and my partner was named a Penguin ( Havea).

After a lot of fun kicking the ball around, we got put to the test by Sam and Mike, we had a little challenge between The Penguins vs The Polar Bears, Who had the best kicking skills.

The Penguins were the first team up they were pretty good but weren’t  good enough it was The Polar Bears turn I was Everybody kicked the ball including with luck I managed to curve the ball and hit the pole and with that we had won.

We had beat the Penguins 12 to 16 making The Polar Bears the best, what a awesome day at kiwi kick, “I can't wait until next week.” I told my friends.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artistic Style

Throughout the modern art history art has been characterised by artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Daniela Hulme. Over the period of time the style of their art becomes famous. The style that I’ve learnt about Vincent Van Gogh was to use rough rapid brush strokes and layers to make the effect The artist that stood out for me was Vincent Van Gogh because his technique stands out from the rest.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Vincent Van Gogh was a famous Dutch painter in history, during his lifetime of painting he was not really recognized or had little recognition  by people, in a short amount of time Vincent painted over 900 paintings but unfortunately he only sold one of his paintings.When he died in 1890 his sister in law took all his paintings and tried to sell them to people, it was then his paintings were recognized by a lot of people.

This is my version of the famous sunflower painting's, the techniques we had to do was rough brush strokes, and try an blend in the colours to make them contrast, at the end of the product we were all overwhelm of what we had created.


Henry Matisse was a famous French artist that was famous for Fauvism, Fauvism is a French word for "Wild Beasts," Mr Matisse used intense colours and rapid brushstrokes.Fauvism was flourished from 1905 to 1907

Matisse tried to express as directly as possible from the excitement of nature, he was influenced by bright colours and bold patterns also of brushwork's such as the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Most fauves changed their style of art in the year 1907 but the movement had a great influenced throughout out Europe, especially in Germany.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s style is putting images from different perspectives and different angles, Picasso’s painting was very ordinary from other famous painters. His style of art was called Cubism.

Pablo Picasso was born in October the 25 of the year 1881 in a place named Malaga In Spain, Picasso was a famous artist of the 20th century. His Father Ruiz was a painter and also a art teacher. When Picasso turned 14 his family moved to Barcelona. He was founder for abstract movement, also by his side his friend Georges Braque had already originated cubism.

During Picasso’s early years he mostly loved to paint with blue and red tones, when he was studying lines, shapes and values. During his lifetime of painting he still wanted to discover the unpredictable and new direction of art. His art and sculpture are brilliant.

His famous paintings are appeared in museums all of the globe.