Monday, November 26, 2012

The Bush

In Medieval times, when Kings and Queens ruled the land, lived a small family of five, this family lived in a very small village, on south of the woods, this small family was just an ordinary family, but soon their lives were going to change very soon.

On a clear night, one of the eldest son’s named Jake wanted to head off into the dark woods, to see if he could bring back something for them to eat for their dinner, so then he sent off and walked towards the black night. Hours and hours of waiting made the father curious about, what his son had been doing in the woods all this time, all of a sudden came a RROOAAARRR!!!! from the woods.

So then the father gathered all the men,  together and see what was going on, all the people of the village were terrified.  

So then all the men of the village gathered their torches and gathered all the weapons, after that snuggle under the dirt crawling quietly, as soon as they reached the woods they had all split up and tried to run around the woods.

On this same beautiful, clear night, the moon was shining at its brightest, the men had found their 
beast, and it was nothing compared to what they thought it would be, this horrible, disgusting, Demon, with black skin, red eyes, razor sharp teeth, was holding the son captive in its cage,  it was going to be the fight of their lives.

The Demon, threw fierce fireballs, then it was their while the Demon was glancing around tirelessly trying to find these brave men, then it struck him, from behind spear was thrown right through the heart of the demon, then with a fast glimpse of a man, he yelled “WATCH OUT”! luckily they all dodged  the powerful fire of the demon, once again they were war with this demon, the demon had died and then came a man out of the demons body, and Jake was saved.

Thanks to the help of the brave men of this small village, help take down this Immortal beast and for the man who had came out of the body of the demon was cured and will never turn into a horrible beast ever again..... So they thought?

Years went by, when the men of that night, had  told their young ones of how their were the brave men of the land, then the beast had come back to life, and then those same men had to once again rise up to the fierce challenge.

The End      


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


A Very Long Long time ago, In a small village lived an extraordinary, but wise man . This Man was given a name from his Great Grandfather Drako, his name was Helios, but he was no ordinary Man, he had the power to control Lightning, Water, Fire and Wind .

In time Helios, had three sons and they also had powers of their own. They were : Theseus, the youngest, he had the power of Fire; Prometheus the smartest, had the power of Water and lastly Gyrators The eldest and wise of all, had the power of the Lighting.

Helios had told his sons "Great Powers comes with Great Responsibility, and with that you have to make right choices or their will be consequence, Understood! "  "Yes Father!" they replied back.

Time went by when Helios was growing old and also weak, his powers were slowly draining away, but he didn't tell his sons that soon he was going to die.

Gyrators, Prometheus and Theseus went out of their village and sent off to go hunting out in the woods, looking for something to bring back for their dinner, That same day a wickedness powerful King by the name of Destro and his army destroyed their village and took everyone including Helios as their slaves.

By this time it was night, and when the brothers came back, from their fierce hunt they were furious and they wanted to know who did this horrible disaster to their village.

Days went by and still nobody return, then one night when the full moon appeared from the dark clouds, an old lady had come for the boys. When the son's saw the lady, they rushed out off their house they were living in, with their powers ready to strike.

The old lady was wearing a black ripped cloak over head and started to talk in a very strange way she said "The son's of Helios come out this instant." Gyrators yelled out "We are here, what do you want!"  The old lady raised up her hand and shot out Belem of white light to the dark sky to send a signal to her her army of son's that was waiting out in the woods.

The brothers stepped closer and closer to where the old lady was standing, they were curious about every step they take.

Gyrators asked the lady once again "What do you want old lady?" Then she replied back "I know where your father is," Prometheus asked her "Where?" She said "Held captive by the dark force king named Destro, his kingdom his above the mountains of Ares, The God of War."  

Theseus asked his brothers "What are we waiting for , let's go now!" "No,'' replied the woman "You are not ready yet, your powers will not match Destro's mighty power's, first we will train!"

So they began their training, and still Destro went village to village capturing everyone as slaves. Years went by when the Three brothers grew older and more stronger, the more stronger they train the more powerful they get.

They old lady had saw a lot of potential in these boys while they were training, as soon as she saw enough she yelled "Stop," then she walked down to them and told them "You are ready to face Destro, but if you want to defeat him you must fight as a team," "UNDERSTOOD!"  "Yes!" replied all the brothers.

So the next they got there things ready, and they all set off on their quest to find their village and their father, watching over them was the old lady and her army of son's, as the Brothers reached the Mountain of Ares, a dark kingdom of fire was behind it. There stood an army 50,000 soldiers with black and red armour.

The Brothers were stunned off how many soldiers there were, just before Gyrators was going to throw a deadly bolt of thunder, out came the old ladies army 30,000 men came rushing out of the woods taking down half of the army, soon after Theseus, stated to throw an enormous fireball taking out 100 men with one throw, Prometheus created Tsunami to drown the rest of the men, it was Gyrators who had finished them off with one his deadly thunderbolts.

As soon as they got past the army of Destro, Gyrators, Prometheus and Theseus ran into the kingdom and freed everybody from the chambers, but there was no sign of their father,  but really their father was held captive in the king’s chamber.

Destro had come out to see what had happened but he was too late his army had already fallen, but inside, was another army waiting to strike back, so the king put on his best armour and got ready to go to battle, but what he did not know was that all the slaves were being freed by in this of his castle.

Finally of long hours they had found their father chained up to a wall, Theseus had burnt down the chains to let their father down, then out of nowhere Destro comes marching in with his army of 500 and the rest surrounding the whole kingdom.

Destro said to his army “Kill them, kill them all!” So than 300 men came rushing in with their spears, and knives then Theseus threw a fireball at them and they descended into dust, then Destro said to his army to stop, and he was going to face these Immortal son’s.

“So these are son’s of Helios am I correct?” Destro asked “Yes,” replied Gyrators, “And we are here to face you in battle of combat.” “YEAH!!” shouted Prometheus and Theseus. The King started to laugh as if it was a joke, “So then this will be your last battle, little boys.” “So be it!” replied Gyrators.

WOO SSSHHHH!! went the first move from Prometheus his water had distracted Destro then Gyrators threw his bolt of lighting straight to Destro, lastly Theseus threw a number of fireballs straight to Destro’s head. The force of the three brothers was so strong that the roof of the kingdom came straight off.

But Destro was more infuriated than before he was, when his army had fallen, so then the real battle had only just begun, then Destro started to throw some of his magic, he began with throwing his dark fireballs at the son’s, Lucky that Prometheus acted quickly and shield him, his brothers and also to protect their father.

As soon as the water shield went down, out came Theseus throwing back numerous of fireballs, but it was quickly recovered by Destro’s fireball shield but that was not strong enough for Helios windy attack, it blew it down like a leaf falling from its tree.

BANG! SMASH! SPLASH! SLING! THUNDER! This glories battle had been going for quite awhile, fireballs after fireballs, throws after throws, Helios and his were truly working as a team, suddenly out from behind came a soldier and stabbed Helios in the back, this made the brothers wrathful and furious, Then Destro started to laugh horribly like as if it was a joke, The son’s gathered together and their listened to their father's last words “Great Powers comes with Great Responsibility, and with that you have to make right choices or their will be consequence.” then slowly died.

Now, Gyrators, Prometheus and Theseus rose up, and started to fight once again but this was different from the last battle, all at the same time the son’s threw everything they got and tried to avenger the father, Destro didn't what to do, so he tried to block himself with his mighty shield but it was too late he had already been struck by the intense power of the son’s of Helios, Destro had fallen to his knees and died.

Then the three brothers buried their father and tried to rebuild their village, these three would be remembered as the son’s of Helios, The Kings of the Land.

The End.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Favourite Toy Plan

My favourite toy plan,  during the past few weeks of this term the Intermediate School has been set a task to make their favourite toy and give it to someone in their family for Christmas this year.

My favourite toy is a Bow an Arrow which gave me good old memories, I will be giving it to my eldest brother because he has looked out for me since I was born. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Favourite Toy

Joe Fav Toy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
My favourite toy in the world is the slingshot because it was use for a lot of pranks, and also very fun to play with.  My popular toy was the good old fashion slingshot, it kept on making my mates and I laughing our bottoms off.

My Slingshot, was made out of wood from a tree that I found when I was wondering around with my brothers, and the elastic band, I found was on an old long tie which I ripped off, lastly  the pocket was bought from the 123 dollar shop.

By then everything changed when my uncle accidently broke it and it snapped in half, like an orange chopped to piece, and then my heart dropped to the ground as soon as I heard the news, now I have a new Slingshot to play with, but this was better than last.

The reason why I loved this toy was that it kept on making not only me entertained, but others around me as well.

Hope you enjoy my short movie.

Shark Attack

One sunny afternoon the sun was shining, at is maxium, it was so hot that your feet would burn in a second.

Down the road lived a family of 7, 2 girls and 3 boys, this family was just an ordinary family but then their lives were going to change instantly, the house was so hot that they could not barely stay one more minute in there, so one of the son’s named Jake suggested that they should all go down to the Point England beach, to have a swim, the rest of the family agreed, so they got ready and began to walk down to the beach.

As soon as they arrived, they suddenly ran down to hot greasy sand and down into the chilly water, they were having a great time splashing in the water, doing bombs and all kinds of stuff then suddenly out of the blue a huge shark appeared out of nowhere, so one of the brother’s named Thomas yelled to the others “Come back hurry, there's a SHARRKKK!” but they didn’t believe him, they thought it was just a funny joke, so they carried on playing.

As the shark came closer and closer Jake shouted to the top of his voice “SHARKK!!” Out of nowhere they all jumped up onto the pontoon that they were bombing off, their hearts were pounding so hard that it was just about to come out.

The Shark was swimming around the pontoon waiting for his right time to pounce up and try to reach out and try to get one of them, they had nowhere to go they were totally isolated and had nothing to contact anyone with.

They all thought that they were going to die but then unexpectedly, Thomas was so brave that he jumped into the water with a sharp long stick he had found while he was wandering around before this all started up.

Thomas didn't know what to do, but he had to do something to get his family away and safe from the fierce shark, so then the beast turn away from the family that was so scared and went after Thomas, at this stage the shark was ZOOMING! straight for dumb but brave boy, but Thomas had a plan.

As soon as the shark had left the family, It was up to Jake to take responsibility of taking extreme care for his brothers and sisters, slowly one by one they arrived safely to the beach but the glimpse of the shark sense that the family was gone off the pontoon and already to the beach, so he turned around and headed right back, Thomas was so relieved that the beast was gone.

As Jake was hoping down, off the pontoon he saw the shark coming for him, then suddenly he started to swim as fast as he could, then it was on, the shark was catching up, luckily Thomas threw his stick to distracted the beast.

Finally Jake got back with no harm done, they were feeling happy but sacred mostly, they all   went back to slippery sand all tired and all devastated of what just happen to them. Lucky no one got  hurt, they all went home sacred but happy to be alive.

The End

Bibliography :

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Fitness Goal

This term my classroom (Room 22) has been set a task for our fitness goal.

 My goal for this term was to try and win the 100 meter and 200 meter race's in the 2012 school athletics in term 4, For the past 9 weeks I have been put to the test of hard work in training doing push ups, sit ups and also sprinting everyday for at least 30 minutes. For my training I will be attempting to sprint 100 meter's  less than 13 seconds. I'm consistant to achieve my goal because training weekly.  

I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cultural Collage


This is my Cultural Collage which is represents me, I hope you enjoy it very much.

My Dream Holiday


If I had chance to go on a Dream Holiday it would be overseas, Hope You Enjoy It.

Little Red Riding Hood

This is my Version of the book Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived near the woods, every time she went out she would wear a red long cloak so  everyone in her village called her Little red riding hood. One morning, Little red riding hood asked her mother if she could go to visit her grandmother, because they haven’t seen each other for awhile.

So later that  day Little red riding set off to visit her grandmother, but her mother told her daughter to stay on the footpath and stay away from the woods, off went Little red riding hood.

  But when Little Red Riding Hood noticed some lovely flowers in the woods, she forgot her promise to her mother.  She picked a few. Watched the butterflies flit about for awhile, listened to the frogs croaking and then picked a few more. Little Red Riding Hood was enjoying the warm summer day so much, that she didn't notice a dark shadow approaching out .of the forest behind her.

Suddenly the wolf appeared behind her, and olf  asked in a friendly way “What are you doing out in the woods all by yourself little girl?”
“I’m on my way to see my  grandmother that lives down path” replied Little red riding hood,The wolf replied OK and ducked off.

As the wolf sprinted down the path, catching his breath from all that running, gently the wolf knock on the door as if he was little red riding hood. The Grandmother had been tricked  and thought it was her little red riding hood, but then got dream shattered as soon as the wolf busted her door down,The Grandmother was found lying on the ground dead

The little girl was very happy to see her granny but then everything changed when she took a look at her new grandmother the big bad wolf, his mouth was dripping with blood and thirsty for more, his eyes were red as if they were full of lava, little red riding hood’s heart dropped to the ground.........

Little red riding hood was as furious as an erupting volcano, she dropped her batch of goodies and challenge the wolf to a battle of combat,they both jumped to the roof and started to battle, they battle so hard that the roof came straight off.

Awhile later the battle was over and coming in victorious was the little red riding hood with cuts and bruises but survived the deadly combat, the house was torn apart but hiding in the shadows was the grandmothers body  lying on the floor. In the Batch of goodies was a magic potion which would make anyone come back to life.

Little red riding hood slipped open her grandmothers mouth and in went the potion, and a few seconds later she came back to life.

Years went by, while the grandmother was still watching over her little red riding hood and they lived happily ever after.     The End

People that helped out with this story: Kitiona, Andrew and Amos

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Goals


For the past week I have been working on a Vision Board for my future, I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cross Country

Just minutes away from the annual occasion the school cross country. My group age (The 12 year old boys) were getting ready to run the course. This is going to one of the hardest and grueling event ever in Pt England School.

Ready.... Set..... Go!!, as all the 12 year old boys were jogging lightly down our school field. Splash!! “OH NO,” my shoes were sucked in strongly from the thick boogie greasy mud. As my shoes first hit the mud I felt stink because I knew straight away something bad was coming my way. The thick gooey mud smelt like poop all around the place.
Struggling to balance as I was wobbling side to side trying to pull my shoes out of the mud. I barely made it through the quicksand but my shoes were overloaded with the squishy slippery mud. I will just imagine what my mother would say when I get home with dirty shoes.

Covered in mud from head to toe, I was glad to see the finish line when I hit the final turn. Struggling to accomplish the race as I was one foot in front of the other trying to hold off my challenger. Crossing the line, with feet burning I was completely exhausted as I collapsed in a heap. After the race I noticed that I have transformed from being a human to being a pig covered all over with thick greasy mud. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Usain Bolt

Today I have been working on a little project that I have been working on this morning. so kick back and relax.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mahe Drsydale

Many New Zealand supporters waited for this much anticipated race hoping to witness Mahe Drysdale become successful in the men’s single scull.

During the previous Olympics Mahe Drysdale was denied a gold medal through illness. So for the last four years he has been training to become even better. His goal was to make sure he won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

It was the last 100 meter during the final of the men’s single scull when it became a nail biting race as Mahe Drysdale gave it his  all to hold off his challengers, Ondrej Synek of Czech and Alan Campbell from Great Britain.

After Mahe Drysdale's awesome race he crawled out of his boat and just collapsed on the pontoon completely shattered, but feeling elated at the same time because he had just won himself an Olympic gold medal.

It was a huge relief when 5 time world champion Mahe Drysdale crossed the line and made New Zealand history.

I have just been lucky enough to witness a great NZ history when Mahe Drysdale completed his race with a gold medal,  it will be a moment that will never be forgotten.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education

During the past few weeks I have gone out with my classroom to the life ed caravan where we learn to make right or wrong choices for the future and that every good or bad thing leads to a positive or negative consequence.

In the life Education I have been influenced to make good choices and good things may come in the future.

One thing that I found most interesting was that how you could change your life and make a difference from who you really are just by smoking.

Last week we learnt about making bad choices for smoking and it could possibly lead to a very effective and negative consequence later on in the future. The consequence could be really effective just like removing a body part or many different types of cancer that could happen.  Also the large intestines squashes and squeezes then passes the liquid to the small intestines for getting ready to urinate but as for the rest, it turns into faeces.

Friday, August 3, 2012


During a normal hot sunny Thursday, Room 22 went out to learn about basketball and also to learn new techniques. When my class arrived we saw to guys standing there, it look like they were our tutors for the session. The tutors names were Tye and Shay, and they were going to show and teach new and old techniques.

Our first technique that we learnt was the Jump Stop which is use to get a good position to shoot, second technique was the 1,2 stop where you learn how to pivot and pass without traveling,the next technique was learning how to pass, and I thought this was going to be pretty easy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics 2012

“Woow” it is a step closer to the national and the world's biggest sporting event the Olympics. This year will be the 30th anniversary for the modern Olympic games, this year's Olympics will be held in the capital city of England. (London)

The  Olympics first started in Olympia, Greece in the year 776 BC,  and every four years it will be held in a capital city around the world. 30 years ago a man named Baron Pierre De Coubertin   the founder of the modern Olympics and also the founder of the Olympic flag.

I can’t wait until these awesome Olympians battle it out for the top 3 medals and also to represent their countries. The Olympian I will follow this year is Usain Bolt in the 100m/200m and the relay team.

Olympians Good Luck and Go Hard!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympic Rings

Pierre De Coubertin was the founder of the modern Olympic games also the founder of the Olympic flag.  On the Olympic flag there were five rings but six colours that represents the five continents.  These colours represents these continents.

-The Blue Represents Europe
-The Green Represents Australia (Oceania)
-The Yellow Represents Asia
-The Red Represents America
-The Black Represents Africa

Also the Olympic flag means in different ways of goodwill, peace and truth. At the opening and closing ceremonies, the torch is lit from Olympia, Greece and transported to the hosting country ready for the opening ceremonies but also at the hosting country they will also rise the Olympic flag as the torch is transported.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favourite Place

My Favourite place in the whole school, is the awesome senior play ground in between the two Rugby fields. The wobbly bridge is my favourite obstacle course because, it is very difficult to walk or even run across.

My favourite place was the playground Because it is where I can play around with all my mates and also do obstacle races with the rest of the class. The Obstacle course is pretty cool because it show you how fast and far you could go, also to test if you could become the fastest Athlete in the whole class.

When I arrive to the Playground, I felt very ordinary and I just want to Run and Jump everywhere and anywhere and I just feel really great and happy all at the same time, especially with all my friends coming along with me.

The second best Part of the awesome playground is the rock climbing wall, and that was a whole lot of fun, the reason why is that we can run and jump on and climb our way to the top.

The artist I had chosen to recreate my artwork was the famous Dutch Impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh because of his technique and his rough brush strokes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pt England Rugby Boys v St Mary's Rugby Boys

It was Thursday morning and all the year 8 students went down for Technology at Tamaki College or as we year 8 say Tech at Tamaki, a few hours went by and it was time to go, when all the year 8 had left Tamaki College, everybody was talking to their friends, one of my mates tapped me on my shoulder and said ”Yo Joe we’ve got a rugby game at 12:45 against St. Marys today.” 

When I heard him say today I was surprised and shocked at the same time, because our previous games were canceled due to the weather and also we’ve had no training for the past three days in a row.

All the year 8 students arrived back at school just in time for morning tea, my mates and I were playing and running so hard that I forgot about the rugby game, when morning tea was over there was a call out to all the rugby boys telling us to meet in the hallway to get ready for our game against St Mary’s, All of our faces could tell how we were feeling, I was feeling nervous and had butterflies flying around my stomach.

All the boys got ready and I still had butterflies flying around, it was 12:15 at the St. Marys team had already arrived in our school grounds. When I saw them they were huge and they also looked fast and ready to show off their skills.

It was time to play, all of our 40 minutes of training had got put to the test, challenging this fierce and strong team. As we jogged to the field, I still had butterflies flying around. As we all lined up face to face with the opposition team, my stomach was feeling like it was going to spew.

As the whistle blew, we kick off and the game had begun, I had chased the ball like there was no tomorrow, the ball flew straight ahead to the biggest guy on the field, “ooohhhh, Not this guy.” I mumbled to myself. Lucky he passed the ball because I knew I was going to get smashed and hampered straight to the ground.

It was five minutes into the game and one of our best forward  runners broke the line and gained
many meters, 20 meters away from the try line, the forwards were pushing and pushing  super strong trying to protect the ball and preventing the other team from getting the ball

Pushing and pushing as the forwards trying desperately to get over the try line, soon after one of my close mates had done something I had never seen before, what he done was he scooped up the ball and dived under somebodies legs and he scored our first try.

10 minutes had gone and now I was feeling good also I couldn’t feel any butterflies flying around anymore. As the opposition team kicked off, It started to spit and the clouds were grey, that's when everything started to change. The ball started to get slippery including the grass we were playing.

After a few minutes, something or someone had really made me go a bit angry, my eyes were red and I was furious, and it felt like I was going to explode and tackle everybody in the St Mary’s team.

20 minutes later I managed to score two tries, leading the points by 15 - 05 to Pt England school, soon it was near halftime, the last 10 seconds of the first half, all the boys were tired and my legs were about to fall off. The hooter had gone and the first half was finished. “Finally!” I shouted out loud. we had a drink of water then we had talked about what we were doing wrong.           

2nd Half was about to begin, as I took a deep breathe running out onto the field, feeling great and ready for another 35 minutes of hard running and super hard tackling. The Referee had blew his whistle and it was time to play once again.

15 minutes had past and the score was still 15 - 5 to Pt England school, then something awesome happened, our 1st five Lepa had broke the line and was on his way to score himself a try, “Yessss!!” as all of the boys shouted out. The points were 20 - 5 and Pt England was still winning.

We were in the last 5 minutes of the game and once again Lepa breaks free and down the sideline and in between the goalposts, and then our half-back Kayde had Drop kicked the ball to have the final score 27 - 5 to the winning school Pt England school, at the end of the game we were all so happy because we had won and had no training for the past 3 days.

Wow what a awesome rugby game.   


Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Character Description About My Friend Unaloto

Unaloto is my friend that had long hair as long as a mop but got cut into a funny looking Mohawk. He shouldn’t be as short as he should but he is as chubby as a  wrinkly dog. Unaloto has tannish skin.
Unaloto is the kind of person that thinks of funny things to say but also has a funny accent. He always agrees with agreeable people and he isn’t the type of angry person and the one thing he’s most proud of is been proud to be a Tongan.
The things he likes to do is tell silly jokes and be funny but sometimes he can muck around. When visitors come around he turns into responsible mode. Also Unaloto could be very funny when it comes to sport events because he would give every five minutes.
I enjoy talking and walking with him. We hope that would be friends with popular kids when we go to college with each other.  I also like watching him act funny but get himself into trouble.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kiwi Kick

On a cloudy Thursday, Room 20 and Room 22 went out to learn about Kiwi kick or AFL ( Australian Football League)  where we learn how to play an awesome kicking game.

When we arrived to the courts we saw two guys that  were as tall as a tree, one of their names were Sam ( Nickname Sandwich)  and the other guys name was Mike, after they had introduced  themselves we had to go over a few reminders about the previous time we had them.

After the reminders we got straight into but first we had a little game just to warm up our legs, the game was called in still tag, the instructions were : Tag anyone, but if you get tagged you have to sit down and watch the person who tags you and watch their every move so when they get tagged you can get back up.

Soon after the game had finished and we were all warmed up, ready to learn new accurate kicking skills, after Sam and Mike talked about the basic skills, they also told us to get into partners, each partner had a name, I was named the Polar Bear and my partner was named a Penguin ( Havea).

After a lot of fun kicking the ball around, we got put to the test by Sam and Mike, we had a little challenge between The Penguins vs The Polar Bears, Who had the best kicking skills.

The Penguins were the first team up they were pretty good but weren’t  good enough it was The Polar Bears turn I was Everybody kicked the ball including with luck I managed to curve the ball and hit the pole and with that we had won.

We had beat the Penguins 12 to 16 making The Polar Bears the best, what a awesome day at kiwi kick, “I can't wait until next week.” I told my friends.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artistic Style

Throughout the modern art history art has been characterised by artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Daniela Hulme. Over the period of time the style of their art becomes famous. The style that I’ve learnt about Vincent Van Gogh was to use rough rapid brush strokes and layers to make the effect The artist that stood out for me was Vincent Van Gogh because his technique stands out from the rest.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Vincent Van Gogh was a famous Dutch painter in history, during his lifetime of painting he was not really recognized or had little recognition  by people, in a short amount of time Vincent painted over 900 paintings but unfortunately he only sold one of his paintings.When he died in 1890 his sister in law took all his paintings and tried to sell them to people, it was then his paintings were recognized by a lot of people.

This is my version of the famous sunflower painting's, the techniques we had to do was rough brush strokes, and try an blend in the colours to make them contrast, at the end of the product we were all overwhelm of what we had created.


Henry Matisse was a famous French artist that was famous for Fauvism, Fauvism is a French word for "Wild Beasts," Mr Matisse used intense colours and rapid brushstrokes.Fauvism was flourished from 1905 to 1907

Matisse tried to express as directly as possible from the excitement of nature, he was influenced by bright colours and bold patterns also of brushwork's such as the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Most fauves changed their style of art in the year 1907 but the movement had a great influenced throughout out Europe, especially in Germany.

Bibliography :

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s style is putting images from different perspectives and different angles, Picasso’s painting was very ordinary from other famous painters. His style of art was called Cubism.

Pablo Picasso was born in October the 25 of the year 1881 in a place named Malaga In Spain, Picasso was a famous artist of the 20th century. His Father Ruiz was a painter and also a art teacher. When Picasso turned 14 his family moved to Barcelona. He was founder for abstract movement, also by his side his friend Georges Braque had already originated cubism.

During Picasso’s early years he mostly loved to paint with blue and red tones, when he was studying lines, shapes and values. During his lifetime of painting he still wanted to discover the unpredictable and new direction of art. His art and sculpture are brilliant.

His famous paintings are appeared in museums all of the globe.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous dutch painter in history, during his lifetime of painting he was not really recognized or had little recognition  by people, in a short amount of time Vincent painted over 900 paintings but unfortunately he only sold one of his paintings that was named the “Red vineyard at arles.” When he died in 1890 his sister in law took all his paintings and tried to sell them to people, it was then his paintings were recognized by a lot of people.

Van Gogh was born on March the 30th in the year of 1853, in Groot Zundert, near Breda Netherlands. At the age of 16 Vincent went off to work with his uncle in Hague where his uncle was a successful art dealer. His older brother Theo stayed in the family business for a very long period of time soon after Theo had became Vincent dealer.

Later on in life Vincent had many jobs, such as working in art galleries, a teacher and also as a preacher. Then around 1880 Theo suggested that Vincent should become a painter and quit the job he was working.  

Sadly in the year 1890 Vincent had shot himself in the chest and died two days later at the age of 37 with Theo lying right beside him.

Friday, March 23, 2012

How to build a tent

How to build a tent in a instant.
Tent fly
Tent Pegs
Tent Poles
Guy Ropes

Step 1: You will have to open the bag and get out the equipment out and inside the the bag.
Step 2: We had to lay down the tent on the ground and had to spread it out. While you are doing that we can also be putting the Tent Poles threw the lope.
Step 3:Then we clipped on the clipper's to attache it to the fiberglass pole, and don't forget to tie the top nice and tight so that at if it is windy it won't blow down.
Step 4: When you have all done that you can add on the tent fly on, then grab the mallet with the pegs and hammer it down hard so that it doesn't come flying off while you are sleeping.
Step 5: Now you  can relax in your tent knowing that you are safe.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp Respect

Wow we just arrive at the swimming pools, at the Lagoon Leisure, “Its going to be a whole lot of fun in the freezing cold water,with the blistering heat. ” I said .

First we had sat down on the warm concrete and we had a few reminders about the pool, until we were allowed to plunge in to the icy cold water.

All the children were inside the pool, the hydro slide and also the diving pool and that was a whole lot of splashing. When I watched people dive into the pool,  I saw them freezing like a ice block.

Tui and I were waiting for the right time to hop into the pool, in the mean time we were watching other people splashing in the diving pool, their was one guy named Richard, he was the king of bombing, he was almost like a ticking time bomb ready to explode in the water .  

“It’s time to jump into the pool Joe!!!!” yelled Tui, “No Way!!!!,” “It’s still freezing” I shouted back. “You own me a Dollar then if you don't come with me,” shouted Tui, “Wait for me then.” I yelled back. I took off my T shirt and ran towards the pools I hopped in the pool, and it was freezing like an iceberg. We had a lot of fun Until the...........Warriors!!!!!!!!!!

The Warriors had come into the pools, “Wow the warriors are actually here,” my mate Joshua yelled. As soon as the warriors entered the pools all the kids were running and jumping into the pool to see their favourite player Manu (The Beast) Vatuvei. Pt England School were screaming out a chant,
WHO ARE WE, WARRIORS!!!!!  The chant was going louder and louder, until they had left.

Wow, what a way to end the senior camp with a splash in the pools and with the ultimate Warriors.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vision Board

The aim of this Vision Board is to let the world  see what my vision are for my Life  and be advanced and ready for the new year 2012!!!!!!!!!

 A vision board is like  a future that other people can see through me, not only a future but a board full of sports,family,health,personal goals and personal health.

My Vision board is a board full of those wonderful things, also full of the  awesome words like Love, Achieve, Hope, Family and many more. In my Vision Board there you can see all the awesome images and photographs about what I like and love.

The sport's I love are rugby or league, so watch out I plan to be the next League"Benji Marshall" or the next Union star "Dan Carter".

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rm22 Favourite Colours

This week Rm22 has been learning about Statistics! This week I have been investigating colours as you can see Rm 22 Favourite Colours is Blue but the Least is Yellow.


It was one heck of a day, the sun was shining super bright , I could not see any clouds just a hot ball of fire and a blue clear sky, The perfect time for a game of Netball.

Me and my friends just came back from a game of touch I was so tired that I couldn’t been bother walking back to class. As soon as I heard about Netball,I was about to burst in to tears because I knew that we were going to do a lot of running around.

We got to the court and we saw this lady holding a netball in her hand,I was guesting that,she was the one from Auckland Netball Association, her name was Liz. She was talking about what do we do when we land and how to land properly so that when we grow up we wouldn’t have to go threw knee surgery or ankle surgery.

We started of standing in the scorching sun while to develop new skills, Liz talked about how we could focus on our passes and how to land perfectly without getting any pain in to your thighs or legs. She also told us how tactics of to pivot and pass the right way.

After learning all of the suitable tactics, to land,pass and pivot, we moved on to a game of netball, as soon as I heard about a game of net ball I thought It was another running game, but I was wrong instead of to hoops we used four corners and four big poker dots.

One team had bibs and the others had nothing, I was in the team that had the bibs on and we named our team the ‘Point England Rhinos,’  we started of playing like little kids until everything got interesting, me and my team the Rhinos started to pass the ball around and we scored a lot points, the game was over and me team had won, 5 points to Neil.  

I can’t wait until the next practise.