Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cross Country

Just minutes away from the annual occasion the school cross country. My group age (The 12 year old boys) were getting ready to run the course. This is going to one of the hardest and grueling event ever in Pt England School.

Ready.... Set..... Go!!, as all the 12 year old boys were jogging lightly down our school field. Splash!! “OH NO,” my shoes were sucked in strongly from the thick boogie greasy mud. As my shoes first hit the mud I felt stink because I knew straight away something bad was coming my way. The thick gooey mud smelt like poop all around the place.
Struggling to balance as I was wobbling side to side trying to pull my shoes out of the mud. I barely made it through the quicksand but my shoes were overloaded with the squishy slippery mud. I will just imagine what my mother would say when I get home with dirty shoes.

Covered in mud from head to toe, I was glad to see the finish line when I hit the final turn. Struggling to accomplish the race as I was one foot in front of the other trying to hold off my challenger. Crossing the line, with feet burning I was completely exhausted as I collapsed in a heap. After the race I noticed that I have transformed from being a human to being a pig covered all over with thick greasy mud. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Usain Bolt

Today I have been working on a little project that I have been working on this morning. so kick back and relax.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mahe Drsydale

Many New Zealand supporters waited for this much anticipated race hoping to witness Mahe Drysdale become successful in the men’s single scull.

During the previous Olympics Mahe Drysdale was denied a gold medal through illness. So for the last four years he has been training to become even better. His goal was to make sure he won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

It was the last 100 meter during the final of the men’s single scull when it became a nail biting race as Mahe Drysdale gave it his  all to hold off his challengers, Ondrej Synek of Czech and Alan Campbell from Great Britain.

After Mahe Drysdale's awesome race he crawled out of his boat and just collapsed on the pontoon completely shattered, but feeling elated at the same time because he had just won himself an Olympic gold medal.

It was a huge relief when 5 time world champion Mahe Drysdale crossed the line and made New Zealand history.

I have just been lucky enough to witness a great NZ history when Mahe Drysdale completed his race with a gold medal,  it will be a moment that will never be forgotten.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education

During the past few weeks I have gone out with my classroom to the life ed caravan where we learn to make right or wrong choices for the future and that every good or bad thing leads to a positive or negative consequence.

In the life Education I have been influenced to make good choices and good things may come in the future.

One thing that I found most interesting was that how you could change your life and make a difference from who you really are just by smoking.

Last week we learnt about making bad choices for smoking and it could possibly lead to a very effective and negative consequence later on in the future. The consequence could be really effective just like removing a body part or many different types of cancer that could happen.  Also the large intestines squashes and squeezes then passes the liquid to the small intestines for getting ready to urinate but as for the rest, it turns into faeces.

Friday, August 3, 2012


During a normal hot sunny Thursday, Room 22 went out to learn about basketball and also to learn new techniques. When my class arrived we saw to guys standing there, it look like they were our tutors for the session. The tutors names were Tye and Shay, and they were going to show and teach new and old techniques.

Our first technique that we learnt was the Jump Stop which is use to get a good position to shoot, second technique was the 1,2 stop where you learn how to pivot and pass without traveling,the next technique was learning how to pass, and I thought this was going to be pretty easy.