Thursday, September 29, 2011

Georgian Conversation

This conversation is about what I have learnt about Georgia, and I will be talking to the key player for the Georgians rugby team,his name is Malik Urjukashvvill. Hope you enjoy : - )

“Hello I’m from NZ, I’ve just dropped in to Georgia and I need some help,” said Joe.
“Thank you as well,” said Malk Urjukashvvill.
“Could you help me sir?” asked Joe
“I think I could help you,”said Malik Urjukashvvill,
“I am the key player for Georgia’s rugby team, so what do you need to know about Georgia?”
“All I need to know is ......... What is the capital city of Georgia, the main foods, the rugby team and what their pool is in the 2011 RUGBY WORLD CUP,” said Joe tiredly.
“Well lucky for you, I know all the answers to all your questions,” said
Malik Urjukashvvill
“Well the question I have been bugging to know is what is the traditional dish of Georgians?”
“I am 100 percent, that the traditional dishes are: Dumplings, Lobio, sulguni cheese,” said Malik Urjukashvvill with confidence.
“I am ready for the next answer!” said Joe with excitement
“So what was the next question you were about to ask me?” Urjukashvvill.
“Well I think it is the main player for the Georgian rugby team?” wondered Joe.
“That’s easy,I think you all ready know that answer?”said Malik Urjukashvvill
“Ummmmm, I think it is ohhhhhh,the answer is Malik Urjukashvvill,that’s you Said Joe.
The pool that we are in is pool B with:Argentina,England,Scotland and Romania and we have hard teams to play against,so what is the last question you were about to ask me?” wondered Malik
“Oh yes the last question is what is the capital of Georgia?” said Joe scratching his head.
“The answer is Tbilisi” (T-blee-si)
“Wow, that's a hard to say, but I will try and get it the hang of it,
“Thank you for your time,"said Joe
"Thank you for your time as well" said Malik Urjuashvvill

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