Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Outta Space Fight Night

One night when the Moon was not shining, the stars were not out and the clouds were dark black like as the darkest day. But then I was wrong, this super bright light that came from outta space, was so bright that almost blinded me, I got closer and closer to the space craft and then out popped this weird alien named Dexter,he had spiky hair,brown skin,two eyes and like humans and a body like a human but the only thing that is different  is that he has a tail.

Dexter had told me that his planet was getting destroyed by a Monster from the mid evil times he had powers to live for a very long time he was a IMMORTAL his name was  Kratos the God of war ,Dexter also told me that It was the destroyer of Five planets,Dexter told-ed me that I would be the one to Destroy Kratos,that I was the one to save the planet and the people from harm,lastly Dexter look at me and said that “I had special powers,”I ask “what kind powers do I have?” Dexter said “Find out yourself!”

The next day, Dexter had woke me up early to start my training,I was shock as soon as he told me to punch as many branches up in the trees as I could and the trees were high like the sky,Dexter said to “use my jumping powers,’’ I said “what jumping powers?” “just jump!” Dexter yelled. So I jumped and then I was flying feeling free,I was circling the trees so fast that I got dizzy and then I crashed on some branches just before landing on top of a thick trunk,I wasn’t hurt not even a tiny scratch,I look at Dexter and said “Do I have fast healing powers?” Dexter replied “Yes you do”
“Awesome!” I yelled,”what other powers do I have?’’ Dexter told me that I have “speed,strength, Invisibility and could fly,super high and last but not least was transportation, ” Dexter had a strange face as soon as he put down the his intergalactic cell phone,”What happened?” I wondered,Dexter replied that his planet was destroyed,his people,was killed or were slaves for this beast.

Dexter had trained for weeks and weeks until it was time to fight,I was ready to fight him
but Dexter had warn me to watch out for his massive axe,his powerful punches and his strong kicks,we were fighting in a stadium of lots of aliens in outta space. The fight had  started and all the aliens were booing me,I ducked all his jabs and then I done a really good punch to the stomach and he was down but then he kicked me so bad I went flying out of the stadium,out on to space,and then I transported all the way back to Earth. Kratos was flying all the way down like a king I said to my self ”That show off,”we had a fight back on my home turf, I done a really good punch to the face,I was furious that my anger took over and I was beating him so hard,I forgot about Dexter and the rest of the planet. I stop and It was all over, it so it seemed to be finished but I was wrong Kratos stood up and hurt Dexter and then I finished him of with the ultimate power punch. I was cheered Joe!!!!Joe!!!

I was wrong It was mum my waking me up to go to school,”What a dream,” I said.

The End

Thanks to Sione and Tomjoe for checking my work.

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