Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eastern Zone Tournament

The Eastern Zone Tournament/Athletics

On the 29th of November 2011 was the day of the Eastern Zone Athletics, where all the schools from the Eastern Zone would battle it out to see who would win and go to the Inter-zone.

The Schools were: Point England, Tamaki intermediate, Panmure District, Saint Thomas,Sacred Heart, Stand Hope, Ellerslie intermediate, Baradine Intermediate(Girl school), Sylvia Park Intermediate, Dilworth intermediate and last but not least Parnell Intermediate.

There were a lot of events going on  but my favourite event was the relay race. In my team where Matthew, Aidan, De’Vye. 

'Ready, Set, Go!' Matthew went first,he was putting his foot down and putting on the gas but it was still not enough. Matthew handed the batten over to De’Vye.

De'Vyne took off as fast as a cheetah! De’Vye was catching up to the rest of the people in front of him. Dev’vye passed it over to Aidan.

Aidan was running so fast that his face was red, he almost looked like he was going to run out of breathe. 

I stared to run, Aidan was coming up, quick! As soon as I got the batten in my hand I was off! 100 metre sprint down the red rubbery track. Thanks to the others that I had a good lead, all I had to do was sprint down the straight track!                

As soon as I crossed that line, my team and I were laughing hard out and breathing hard as well. We came first I yelled excitedly! We are going to the Auckland Champs! “Auckland Champs Here We Come!!!!!!” we shouted.

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Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Joe

Congratulations on winning the Eastern zone relay, good luck for Auckland champs :)

I like the amount of detail you've put into the recount.

Well done again for running ahead of all those schools. Good luck :)

Have fun and keep writing :)