Friday, April 27, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous dutch painter in history, during his lifetime of painting he was not really recognized or had little recognition  by people, in a short amount of time Vincent painted over 900 paintings but unfortunately he only sold one of his paintings that was named the “Red vineyard at arles.” When he died in 1890 his sister in law took all his paintings and tried to sell them to people, it was then his paintings were recognized by a lot of people.

Van Gogh was born on March the 30th in the year of 1853, in Groot Zundert, near Breda Netherlands. At the age of 16 Vincent went off to work with his uncle in Hague where his uncle was a successful art dealer. His older brother Theo stayed in the family business for a very long period of time soon after Theo had became Vincent dealer.

Later on in life Vincent had many jobs, such as working in art galleries, a teacher and also as a preacher. Then around 1880 Theo suggested that Vincent should become a painter and quit the job he was working.  

Sadly in the year 1890 Vincent had shot himself in the chest and died two days later at the age of 37 with Theo lying right beside him.


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