Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I"v been learning about pirates. Pirates are sea robbers meaning they steal other ships or merchant ships carrying lots of diamonds or gold and silver. In pirates times pirates people were very very poor, so people wanted to be pirates or sea robbers because they could earn more gold or silver faster.
The things sea robbers stole were from countries,the countries they stole goods.The most country they stole from was Africa,they would took slaves and then sell them for gold or silver,some diamonds were made in Africa pirates would take lots and lots of those precious diamonds,the smoke that pirates smoke were also from Africa.From India was spices mix with goods .China was a bit different they only stole a fabric of silk. Last but not lease South America, from there they took cocoa beans which make chocolate and more diamonds.

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Miss Garden said...

You have learned so much! You were able to find out about a lot geography (countries) and what was produced there. Do you think chocolate beans still come from the Americas today?
When you wrote about slaves you said "they are works" do you mean "workers"?
Also in English we say "sold", not "solded" Make sure you check your text carefully before publishing Joe.
I'm looking forward to your next post.