Monday, September 6, 2010

Point England School vs Holy Cross School

On Wednesday the 21st of June 2010 Point England played a hard game against Holy Cross school a far superior team, we played them on our school grounds.

In the first half of the rugby game my team, Point England, kicked of to begin the game. When Holy Cross had the ball, Pt England had a mean defence, but it was still not good even enough. But Holy Cross had a massive guy charging at us like a bull that was very very angry. By the time Holy cross school scored their first try I said to myself "we need to wok even harder as a team.

By the time Holy cross kicked off to Pt England school I thought that I would have a run myself, I went to their biggest and strongest guy and guess what happen next ??I got dumped and slam to the ground , and my back was very sore.

The second half was when Holy cross school kicked off to my school Pt England to start the second half ,once the ball came down one of my rugby team boys, Nezinli, our fullback had the ball he ran and stepped one person from Holy cross school and he defend one of the opposition boy from the team, now that was a like Cory Jane a famous fullback of the All Black.

When Holy cross scored there try, the time was nearly up, Once they converted the time was all ready over.

Once the game was over Pt England did their cheer for good s port men ship. The points were 36 to Holy Cross, 0 to Pt England, we fougth hard but we lost by a thresh.

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