Thursday, October 14, 2010

Washing the dishes

One night in the holidays when me and my family were having dinner someone had to do the dishes for the night “not me” said my brothers and sisters,”me I will do It”. I said I knew that if someone didn’t do the dishes my mum and dad would be angry. Someone had to keep the peace.

There were so many plates I had to do it was like a endless wave I told my brothers that I want to do the drying but it was to late now I said to my brothers “I rather sleep with 10 elephants or swim with 20 hungry sharks”!!!

It was like I was trapped in a cage with dirty plates and cups,the only way out was to wash them all. I” want to dry” I said in a bit of a scream in my head. After a few minutes It was getting so boring . I looked outside I saw a dog running across the street . I wish I escaped liked him .

As I was washing the dishes I turned around and saw a little more plates and cups to do untiled to I was finished, yes yes yes I said all over again and again.

Once I was finished washing the dishes it was 9:00 p.m. “No more plates or cups to do” I said.

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Osana said...

Hey Joe,
Your right,that night was a very terrible night for you.I'm sure mum and dad were happy at that moment.Anyway keep up the fantastic work.I look forward to see more of you posts.

Yours Sincerely,
(Little Sis)Sana