Monday, September 20, 2010

Cross Country

I got to school ready to learn but then every thing changed when Mr Burt said “ the cross country is today”. ”The race is today” I told my self in a panic. It was stink because I did not get my note, I had plan to tell mum to give a sick note to get me out of this but it was to late now.

Once we got out side it was getting cold and chilly, I was feeling a bit nervous and scared. Mr Burt had changed the rules,that the 11 year old boys were running next, I knew that the 10 year boys will run after the 11 year old boys.

Oh no the race is going to started right now, “10 year boys please step up your race is now” Mr Burt said,”you have got to be kidding me I told myself in a very scared voice. BANG!!! I heard,the race has started. Of we go. Once we past the gate I started tom feel lethargic,but I still managed to pass a lot of people,I was about to throw up when we past the gold post . Then all of a sudden I started to feel tired it was so bad that I wanted to quit. We were half way finished when all of my energy had drained out of me into the distance. The time I saw the finished when I was from one quarter.

I felt in impatient because the finish line was line still far away from where I was running from.

Once I was near the finish line I spurted all the way,”it is finally over”.I told myself in a relieved voice.Once the race was over, I was so happy that we have to do the cross country for another 365 days.

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