Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bombing off the WHARF

It was time, to jump off the Wharf, and my biggest fear was jumping into the water with those stingrays hagging around in the deep sea.As I was walking up my heart started to pump louder and louder as I took each step forward to wards the edge.

Once we had arrived boys and girls just bombed in to the water and my heart was going to pop out because it really wanted to jump. So I took slow steps forward to the post and stood on it. I looked down to the deep blue sea “Its a long way down” I told myself. I held my breath and took a plunge down. As a hit the water it wasn’t that bad.

As I was going up to reach the surface I wanted to do that again and again for a “whole year” I told myself.

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Waata said...

Hi Joe,

it must of been great bombing of a Wharf, I love bombing of Wharfs it's great fun. My Favorite bombing style is the V bomb it make's a huge splash. I can't wait till I go to Camp Bentzon.

By Waata