Friday, March 25, 2011


Before Camp:
Team 5 Camp Take Charge (Camp TC) is gonna be one of the best camps I’ve ever been to and the coolest one as well, I can’t wait until next week 'cause....

It is next week! Seven more days to go now before camp starts I have all ready packed up my stuff for camp, I'm ready to go. I’m hoping this week will go even faster so that the fun can begin. My leaders are the speed star Feki, the fittest guy in school (I reckon!) and the other all-star Shontal - the girl with a really loud voice. Our teacher is the one and only rugby league champion Miss Vaafussaga. My groups name is the RESPECTABLEZ!!!!!

After Camp:
We have just finished camp and wow! what an amazing three whole days of school we had, but the best thing was winning the concert for the very first time in year 7 and year 8 Pt England history, Nah jokes,...but we still won, I cant stop talking about it.
The thing I took charge of is my tent and all around it as well.
Far out a three fun days filled with heart pounding, leg pumping fun activities.
This was the best ever camp of the 21st Century by far, it was the best experience, I've had this year.

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Mrs Burt said...

Hi Joe

I am reading your post at home tonight and enjoyed it so much I shared it with my family. We think you have a great way of expressing your ideas. In fact, my husband said, "Why doesn't this boy post more often?"
We look forward to hearing a whole lot more about what you are up to in 2011 :)
Mrs Burt