Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vision Board

The aim of this Vision Board is to let the world  see what my vision are for my Life  and be advanced and ready for the new year 2012!!!!!!!!!

 A vision board is like  a future that other people can see through me, not only a future but a board full of sports,family,health,personal goals and personal health.

My Vision board is a board full of those wonderful things, also full of the  awesome words like Love, Achieve, Hope, Family and many more. In my Vision Board there you can see all the awesome images and photographs about what I like and love.

The sport's I love are rugby or league, so watch out I plan to be the next League"Benji Marshall" or the next Union star "Dan Carter".


Lepa said...

Hey Joe,

Amazing writing from you. I never knew you were soo good at writing. I like how your so confident and with the attitude you have you be what ever you set your mine to. You kinda remind me if my self. This year you will go far.

Joe , keep it up , you can achieve all those goals.

Yours Sincerely Lepa

Raenan said...

Hi Joe,

Awesome work I like want to become a rugby league star too. your vision board is amazing. I know you can achieve all of those things. Keep up the great work.