Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Favourite Toy

Joe Fav Toy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
My favourite toy in the world is the slingshot because it was use for a lot of pranks, and also very fun to play with.  My popular toy was the good old fashion slingshot, it kept on making my mates and I laughing our bottoms off.

My Slingshot, was made out of wood from a tree that I found when I was wondering around with my brothers, and the elastic band, I found was on an old long tie which I ripped off, lastly  the pocket was bought from the 123 dollar shop.

By then everything changed when my uncle accidently broke it and it snapped in half, like an orange chopped to piece, and then my heart dropped to the ground as soon as I heard the news, now I have a new Slingshot to play with, but this was better than last.

The reason why I loved this toy was that it kept on making not only me entertained, but others around me as well.

Hope you enjoy my short movie.

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Raenan said...

Hey Joe,

Great writing, but maybe in you could re-read your work before you publish it. Anyway Keep up the great work.