Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shark Attack

One sunny afternoon the sun was shining, at is maxium, it was so hot that your feet would burn in a second.

Down the road lived a family of 7, 2 girls and 3 boys, this family was just an ordinary family but then their lives were going to change instantly, the house was so hot that they could not barely stay one more minute in there, so one of the son’s named Jake suggested that they should all go down to the Point England beach, to have a swim, the rest of the family agreed, so they got ready and began to walk down to the beach.

As soon as they arrived, they suddenly ran down to hot greasy sand and down into the chilly water, they were having a great time splashing in the water, doing bombs and all kinds of stuff then suddenly out of the blue a huge shark appeared out of nowhere, so one of the brother’s named Thomas yelled to the others “Come back hurry, there's a SHARRKKK!” but they didn’t believe him, they thought it was just a funny joke, so they carried on playing.

As the shark came closer and closer Jake shouted to the top of his voice “SHARKK!!” Out of nowhere they all jumped up onto the pontoon that they were bombing off, their hearts were pounding so hard that it was just about to come out.

The Shark was swimming around the pontoon waiting for his right time to pounce up and try to reach out and try to get one of them, they had nowhere to go they were totally isolated and had nothing to contact anyone with.

They all thought that they were going to die but then unexpectedly, Thomas was so brave that he jumped into the water with a sharp long stick he had found while he was wandering around before this all started up.

Thomas didn't know what to do, but he had to do something to get his family away and safe from the fierce shark, so then the beast turn away from the family that was so scared and went after Thomas, at this stage the shark was ZOOMING! straight for dumb but brave boy, but Thomas had a plan.

As soon as the shark had left the family, It was up to Jake to take responsibility of taking extreme care for his brothers and sisters, slowly one by one they arrived safely to the beach but the glimpse of the shark sense that the family was gone off the pontoon and already to the beach, so he turned around and headed right back, Thomas was so relieved that the beast was gone.

As Jake was hoping down, off the pontoon he saw the shark coming for him, then suddenly he started to swim as fast as he could, then it was on, the shark was catching up, luckily Thomas threw his stick to distracted the beast.

Finally Jake got back with no harm done, they were feeling happy but sacred mostly, they all   went back to slippery sand all tired and all devastated of what just happen to them. Lucky no one got  hurt, they all went home sacred but happy to be alive.

The End

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