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A Very Long Long time ago, In a small village lived an extraordinary, but wise man . This Man was given a name from his Great Grandfather Drako, his name was Helios, but he was no ordinary Man, he had the power to control Lightning, Water, Fire and Wind .

In time Helios, had three sons and they also had powers of their own. They were : Theseus, the youngest, he had the power of Fire; Prometheus the smartest, had the power of Water and lastly Gyrators The eldest and wise of all, had the power of the Lighting.

Helios had told his sons "Great Powers comes with Great Responsibility, and with that you have to make right choices or their will be consequence, Understood! "  "Yes Father!" they replied back.

Time went by when Helios was growing old and also weak, his powers were slowly draining away, but he didn't tell his sons that soon he was going to die.

Gyrators, Prometheus and Theseus went out of their village and sent off to go hunting out in the woods, looking for something to bring back for their dinner, That same day a wickedness powerful King by the name of Destro and his army destroyed their village and took everyone including Helios as their slaves.

By this time it was night, and when the brothers came back, from their fierce hunt they were furious and they wanted to know who did this horrible disaster to their village.

Days went by and still nobody return, then one night when the full moon appeared from the dark clouds, an old lady had come for the boys. When the son's saw the lady, they rushed out off their house they were living in, with their powers ready to strike.

The old lady was wearing a black ripped cloak over head and started to talk in a very strange way she said "The son's of Helios come out this instant." Gyrators yelled out "We are here, what do you want!"  The old lady raised up her hand and shot out Belem of white light to the dark sky to send a signal to her her army of son's that was waiting out in the woods.

The brothers stepped closer and closer to where the old lady was standing, they were curious about every step they take.

Gyrators asked the lady once again "What do you want old lady?" Then she replied back "I know where your father is," Prometheus asked her "Where?" She said "Held captive by the dark force king named Destro, his kingdom his above the mountains of Ares, The God of War."  

Theseus asked his brothers "What are we waiting for , let's go now!" "No,'' replied the woman "You are not ready yet, your powers will not match Destro's mighty power's, first we will train!"

So they began their training, and still Destro went village to village capturing everyone as slaves. Years went by when the Three brothers grew older and more stronger, the more stronger they train the more powerful they get.

They old lady had saw a lot of potential in these boys while they were training, as soon as she saw enough she yelled "Stop," then she walked down to them and told them "You are ready to face Destro, but if you want to defeat him you must fight as a team," "UNDERSTOOD!"  "Yes!" replied all the brothers.

So the next they got there things ready, and they all set off on their quest to find their village and their father, watching over them was the old lady and her army of son's, as the Brothers reached the Mountain of Ares, a dark kingdom of fire was behind it. There stood an army 50,000 soldiers with black and red armour.

The Brothers were stunned off how many soldiers there were, just before Gyrators was going to throw a deadly bolt of thunder, out came the old ladies army 30,000 men came rushing out of the woods taking down half of the army, soon after Theseus, stated to throw an enormous fireball taking out 100 men with one throw, Prometheus created Tsunami to drown the rest of the men, it was Gyrators who had finished them off with one his deadly thunderbolts.

As soon as they got past the army of Destro, Gyrators, Prometheus and Theseus ran into the kingdom and freed everybody from the chambers, but there was no sign of their father,  but really their father was held captive in the king’s chamber.

Destro had come out to see what had happened but he was too late his army had already fallen, but inside, was another army waiting to strike back, so the king put on his best armour and got ready to go to battle, but what he did not know was that all the slaves were being freed by in this of his castle.

Finally of long hours they had found their father chained up to a wall, Theseus had burnt down the chains to let their father down, then out of nowhere Destro comes marching in with his army of 500 and the rest surrounding the whole kingdom.

Destro said to his army “Kill them, kill them all!” So than 300 men came rushing in with their spears, and knives then Theseus threw a fireball at them and they descended into dust, then Destro said to his army to stop, and he was going to face these Immortal son’s.

“So these are son’s of Helios am I correct?” Destro asked “Yes,” replied Gyrators, “And we are here to face you in battle of combat.” “YEAH!!” shouted Prometheus and Theseus. The King started to laugh as if it was a joke, “So then this will be your last battle, little boys.” “So be it!” replied Gyrators.

WOO SSSHHHH!! went the first move from Prometheus his water had distracted Destro then Gyrators threw his bolt of lighting straight to Destro, lastly Theseus threw a number of fireballs straight to Destro’s head. The force of the three brothers was so strong that the roof of the kingdom came straight off.

But Destro was more infuriated than before he was, when his army had fallen, so then the real battle had only just begun, then Destro started to throw some of his magic, he began with throwing his dark fireballs at the son’s, Lucky that Prometheus acted quickly and shield him, his brothers and also to protect their father.

As soon as the water shield went down, out came Theseus throwing back numerous of fireballs, but it was quickly recovered by Destro’s fireball shield but that was not strong enough for Helios windy attack, it blew it down like a leaf falling from its tree.

BANG! SMASH! SPLASH! SLING! THUNDER! This glories battle had been going for quite awhile, fireballs after fireballs, throws after throws, Helios and his were truly working as a team, suddenly out from behind came a soldier and stabbed Helios in the back, this made the brothers wrathful and furious, Then Destro started to laugh horribly like as if it was a joke, The son’s gathered together and their listened to their father's last words “Great Powers comes with Great Responsibility, and with that you have to make right choices or their will be consequence.” then slowly died.

Now, Gyrators, Prometheus and Theseus rose up, and started to fight once again but this was different from the last battle, all at the same time the son’s threw everything they got and tried to avenger the father, Destro didn't what to do, so he tried to block himself with his mighty shield but it was too late he had already been struck by the intense power of the son’s of Helios, Destro had fallen to his knees and died.

Then the three brothers buried their father and tried to rebuild their village, these three would be remembered as the son’s of Helios, The Kings of the Land.

The End.


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Hi Joe,

Great 25 paragraphs, even I can't do that. Anyway nice to hear that you know old stories about the gods in the heavens. By the way keep up the fantastic and interesting work.