Monday, November 26, 2012

The Bush

In Medieval times, when Kings and Queens ruled the land, lived a small family of five, this family lived in a very small village, on south of the woods, this small family was just an ordinary family, but soon their lives were going to change very soon.

On a clear night, one of the eldest son’s named Jake wanted to head off into the dark woods, to see if he could bring back something for them to eat for their dinner, so then he sent off and walked towards the black night. Hours and hours of waiting made the father curious about, what his son had been doing in the woods all this time, all of a sudden came a RROOAAARRR!!!! from the woods.

So then the father gathered all the men,  together and see what was going on, all the people of the village were terrified.  

So then all the men of the village gathered their torches and gathered all the weapons, after that snuggle under the dirt crawling quietly, as soon as they reached the woods they had all split up and tried to run around the woods.

On this same beautiful, clear night, the moon was shining at its brightest, the men had found their 
beast, and it was nothing compared to what they thought it would be, this horrible, disgusting, Demon, with black skin, red eyes, razor sharp teeth, was holding the son captive in its cage,  it was going to be the fight of their lives.

The Demon, threw fierce fireballs, then it was their while the Demon was glancing around tirelessly trying to find these brave men, then it struck him, from behind spear was thrown right through the heart of the demon, then with a fast glimpse of a man, he yelled “WATCH OUT”! luckily they all dodged  the powerful fire of the demon, once again they were war with this demon, the demon had died and then came a man out of the demons body, and Jake was saved.

Thanks to the help of the brave men of this small village, help take down this Immortal beast and for the man who had came out of the body of the demon was cured and will never turn into a horrible beast ever again..... So they thought?

Years went by, when the men of that night, had  told their young ones of how their were the brave men of the land, then the beast had come back to life, and then those same men had to once again rise up to the fierce challenge.

The End      


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