Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favourite Place

My Favourite place in the whole school, is the awesome senior play ground in between the two Rugby fields. The wobbly bridge is my favourite obstacle course because, it is very difficult to walk or even run across.

My favourite place was the playground Because it is where I can play around with all my mates and also do obstacle races with the rest of the class. The Obstacle course is pretty cool because it show you how fast and far you could go, also to test if you could become the fastest Athlete in the whole class.

When I arrive to the Playground, I felt very ordinary and I just want to Run and Jump everywhere and anywhere and I just feel really great and happy all at the same time, especially with all my friends coming along with me.

The second best Part of the awesome playground is the rock climbing wall, and that was a whole lot of fun, the reason why is that we can run and jump on and climb our way to the top.

The artist I had chosen to recreate my artwork was the famous Dutch Impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh because of his technique and his rough brush strokes.

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