Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pt England Rugby Boys v St Mary's Rugby Boys

It was Thursday morning and all the year 8 students went down for Technology at Tamaki College or as we year 8 say Tech at Tamaki, a few hours went by and it was time to go, when all the year 8 had left Tamaki College, everybody was talking to their friends, one of my mates tapped me on my shoulder and said ”Yo Joe we’ve got a rugby game at 12:45 against St. Marys today.” 

When I heard him say today I was surprised and shocked at the same time, because our previous games were canceled due to the weather and also we’ve had no training for the past three days in a row.

All the year 8 students arrived back at school just in time for morning tea, my mates and I were playing and running so hard that I forgot about the rugby game, when morning tea was over there was a call out to all the rugby boys telling us to meet in the hallway to get ready for our game against St Mary’s, All of our faces could tell how we were feeling, I was feeling nervous and had butterflies flying around my stomach.

All the boys got ready and I still had butterflies flying around, it was 12:15 at the St. Marys team had already arrived in our school grounds. When I saw them they were huge and they also looked fast and ready to show off their skills.

It was time to play, all of our 40 minutes of training had got put to the test, challenging this fierce and strong team. As we jogged to the field, I still had butterflies flying around. As we all lined up face to face with the opposition team, my stomach was feeling like it was going to spew.

As the whistle blew, we kick off and the game had begun, I had chased the ball like there was no tomorrow, the ball flew straight ahead to the biggest guy on the field, “ooohhhh, Not this guy.” I mumbled to myself. Lucky he passed the ball because I knew I was going to get smashed and hampered straight to the ground.

It was five minutes into the game and one of our best forward  runners broke the line and gained
many meters, 20 meters away from the try line, the forwards were pushing and pushing  super strong trying to protect the ball and preventing the other team from getting the ball

Pushing and pushing as the forwards trying desperately to get over the try line, soon after one of my close mates had done something I had never seen before, what he done was he scooped up the ball and dived under somebodies legs and he scored our first try.

10 minutes had gone and now I was feeling good also I couldn’t feel any butterflies flying around anymore. As the opposition team kicked off, It started to spit and the clouds were grey, that's when everything started to change. The ball started to get slippery including the grass we were playing.

After a few minutes, something or someone had really made me go a bit angry, my eyes were red and I was furious, and it felt like I was going to explode and tackle everybody in the St Mary’s team.

20 minutes later I managed to score two tries, leading the points by 15 - 05 to Pt England school, soon it was near halftime, the last 10 seconds of the first half, all the boys were tired and my legs were about to fall off. The hooter had gone and the first half was finished. “Finally!” I shouted out loud. we had a drink of water then we had talked about what we were doing wrong.           

2nd Half was about to begin, as I took a deep breathe running out onto the field, feeling great and ready for another 35 minutes of hard running and super hard tackling. The Referee had blew his whistle and it was time to play once again.

15 minutes had past and the score was still 15 - 5 to Pt England school, then something awesome happened, our 1st five Lepa had broke the line and was on his way to score himself a try, “Yessss!!” as all of the boys shouted out. The points were 20 - 5 and Pt England was still winning.

We were in the last 5 minutes of the game and once again Lepa breaks free and down the sideline and in between the goalposts, and then our half-back Kayde had Drop kicked the ball to have the final score 27 - 5 to the winning school Pt England school, at the end of the game we were all so happy because we had won and had no training for the past 3 days.

Wow what a awesome rugby game.   


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