Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Character Description About My Friend Unaloto

Unaloto is my friend that had long hair as long as a mop but got cut into a funny looking Mohawk. He shouldn’t be as short as he should but he is as chubby as a  wrinkly dog. Unaloto has tannish skin.
Unaloto is the kind of person that thinks of funny things to say but also has a funny accent. He always agrees with agreeable people and he isn’t the type of angry person and the one thing he’s most proud of is been proud to be a Tongan.
The things he likes to do is tell silly jokes and be funny but sometimes he can muck around. When visitors come around he turns into responsible mode. Also Unaloto could be very funny when it comes to sport events because he would give every five minutes.
I enjoy talking and walking with him. We hope that would be friends with popular kids when we go to college with each other.  I also like watching him act funny but get himself into trouble.


Manaiakalani said...

Joseph, this description made me smile :). I was trying to imagine Unaloto as a wrinkly dog! I hope you do continue to be friends at College.

Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

sup Joe nice writing about Unaloto keep up the good work piece

from an old friend