Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kiwis are cool

A kiwi is about the size of a domestic chicken or a rugby ball.

The well known Great Spotted Kiwi is about 45cm long, tall, and it is the biggest.

The smallest kiwi is smaller that a rugby ball, and it is called the Little Spotted Kiwi. It makes me want to know how long they are going to live.

Well I suppose you wouldn’t exactly call kiwis beautiful at all. Their

plumage is rough, dull and it is stiff like dog hair,and not psychedelic or bright.

Most people think that kiwis don’t have any wings. But if you tuck your hand under the feathers, you will find a small wing that is tiny like a pinky finger. At the bottom there will be a claw.

There is one thing that these birds excel at - kiwis have very muscular, invincible legs. They look a bit like Islander legs, and they can out run a human in a race. Their legs are very strong for running, making burrows and fighting.

Kiwis only fight with their mighty legs to protect themselves from enemies. Their predators include weasels, stoats, cats and dogs. But the most feared is the feared stoat.

There you have it.

How could you possibly resist a chicken-sized, rugby ball, strong running sharp shooter with legs like Richie McCaw.

If Kiwis are not cool then I don”t know what is.

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