Monday, September 20, 2010

Roosters vs Panthers

As we go back to the days of N.R.L.!!!
Roosters vs panthers, wow what a amazing game it was ,if you didn't watch it then you absolutes then you miss out on all of the action. In the first half the game there were some funny action, when the roosters left winger had the ball and ran full speed to the panthers winger, then all of a sudden they both collided, looking from the slow motion it looked like they just kissed. The tackler was lying down on the ground maybe he just had to much love, I think he was day dreaming. The second half started, a few minutes later the score were still the same 12 to 0 Roosters winning panthers losing. Finally here they scored roosters here they come out of no where 18 points to the roosters,panthers nothing yet,finally panthers scored 6 to roosters 18.
Here we go again,Anasta scores for the roosters 22 to 6 roosters still winning,panthers finally score 22 to 12 and now they make it a ten point lead to the roosters. Panthers very slim chance of winning. People hold your horses because here comes the roosters to make it 28 to 12. At the end of the game it was 34 to 12. Sorry for the Panthers supporters,

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